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Our Mission

John Claire’s strategic approach to business is designed to create 360° transformation through outcomes-based consultation practices.


John Claire co-ordinates and manages a range of projects for NGO’s, Government and growing organisations.


Our bespoke consulting services use sustainable business development practices to lead projects, program development and manage stakeholder engagement.

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Delivering positive results

Our Services

Working with you to deliver sustainable, profitable projects.


John Claire uses insight and analysis to educate and mentor businesses. This involves using process mapping and research-based methodologies to achieve outstanding results for clients.



Project management is a core element of John Claire. Whether it is enterprise-based ICT solutions, or assisting with the management of field team operations, John Claire can assist you in achieving on-time deliverables for your next project.



Our stakeholder and business engagement services include a range of services (non-financial) to assist small businesses to navigate their way through the development of their business and manage their obligations and needs.


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